Born in the flames of creativity and expression, Magus Utopia progressively has inspired and astonished numerous spectators worldwide. Their unique method of bringing a range of artistic disciplines together to tell an exciting story is one of their specialties.
“Performance is a tool to communicate an universal language which each of us feel within ourselves.” – Marcel Kalisvaart Show Producer, Illusionist and co owner of Magus Utopia.
Their inspiration comes from movies, history, dance, fashion, museum as well as traveling around the world and seeing different cultures and forms of expression. Their ability to think outside of the box by focusing in new ways of performance has granted them many awards.
“ Expression is one important tool which we use to navigate what we call reality, that’s why it is so important to express yourself, your real self. That’s the language of freedom.” Aquila Junior Show Producer, Art Director and co owner of Magus Utopia.
Below there are some examples of different platforms among other of their performances

China - TV SHOW

Worlds Got Talent

Inspiered by the ancient chinese culture Magus Utopia performed their own produced terracotta fantasy tale astonishing more than 300 millions spectators in chinese national tv. Four nationalities crew came together for this performance, within 3 weeks rehearsals they created an unforgettable stage performance

France TOUR

Viva La Magie

The extraordinary… Poetry… Humor… in one word: Magic! This French Festival tour is a great opportunity to discover the different layers of the magic art. Magus Utopia performed in 6 cities within this production adding a spectacular end to every evenings.



The threads of the international toy markets come together in Nuremberg every year. Famous brands make the Spielwarenmesse the most important event of the toy industry. Magus Utopia performed a full evening show during the international gala event.


Masters of Magic

The world leading magic extravaganza festival hosts every year an impressive crew of the best magic performances in Italy. Magus Utopia has several times performed different creations such as the opening of the world championship of magic.


The King of Magic

A tv show production in the heart of Tokio city brought together a peculiar cast from around the world. 10 different nationalities representing their country showed their abilities in the magic kunst. Magus Utopia with a 12 crew stage performers played a fantastical role of the show Nightmares in this beautiful production.



Costumes, dancers, acrobats fire and ice… a Dion and Randall international production in the tropical city of Kuala Lumpur creates a colourful festival. Magus Utopia together with other international artits flabbergasts the audience in the outside theater of the Sunway Lagoon theme park.



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