Magus Utopia has been offering shows with artistic modifications according to the client’s preferences and wishes. They provide creative options to choose from which allows the client to have an opportunity to include their brand within the performance. This customization grants them a unique creation to stand out and communicate their message.



For the charity Italian TV show Telethon, Magus Utopia customized the show Nightmares into a Christmas TV special. The element features of the act which were modified were the scenery, atmosphere, characters and the music. It was a great success!



For the annual Mobile World Congress, the largest and most influential connectivity event in the world, Magus Utopia created a fantastical dream around the chosen theme of “world adventure” on a 30 meters wide stage. A human size world globe was constructed to illustrate the international wide range of the company where a person could step in and disappear by fire and reappear in a new dimension though space and time.

The Netherlands


Incotec is THE seed enhancement specialist. Through seed technology they improve the performance and resilience of seeds which leads to a better crop result. For the launch of new innovative and advanced scientific products, Magus Utopia created a spectacular scene of scientists working on a new experiment which a seed turned into a human-like extraterrestrial. The event was accompanied by the famous astronaut André Kuipers.

The Netherlands


How to present a new model in a very special way? Magus Utopia created a big sized wagon which was brought by 4 warriors. Once the wagon was opened, a beautiful divine female character was standing it. After singing a beautiful song, the wagon was closed and opened. She was transformed into the new Mercedes model.



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